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Emi comes to us from Tokyo with over 25 years in Japanese teaching experience and a degree in Linguistics. After growing community roots with visitors to Japan as the Director of Japanese Language at the Osaka YMCA Language School, she taught in various private capacities before becoming a Japanese instructor at the J.F. Oberlin University in Tokyo. We are very honored to have her extensive experience, kind and generous community-minded attitude towards students, and her very sharp analytical capacity for language education and curriculum.


Following a bachelor's degree in Asian American Studies at Berkeley, Atsuko went on to postgraduate studies in Bilingual/Multicultural Education. She has spent 23 years teaching adults Japanese, twelve of which were spent training high-ranking military officers and other government officers in Arlington, VA with Diplomatic Language Services. With her extensive experience, passion for helping others, and relaxed teaching style, she strives to provide the perfect balance for any student at any level to succeed in accomplishing their goals.


Kayoko brings with her 23 years of experience teaching Japanese, including children, college students, and adults, on top of an MA in Linguistics from UH Mānoa. She wants students to practice speaking Japanese in class as much as possible, and take those skills home to use right away. Additionally, she finds importance in providing cultural context to speaking to understand the way native speakers really talk. Kayoko always welcomes feedback and emphasizes taking the learner's perspective into account.


In addition to obtaining her bachelor's degree from Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo, Sherry achieved public school teaching certificates in both Japan and the US. She has spent her career of 22 years bringing the joy of culture and language to others, going on to teach not only Japanese language but also calligraphy and sign language. We welcome Sherry as our newest teacher, and we look forward to her bringing her passion for humanities and arts to our students.


With 23 years of experience in Japanese, 15 years experience teaching children and adults (5 years in Tokyo), degrees in Japanese and Management Information Systems, and a passion for teaching things in a logical way that makes sense and sticks, Justin endeavors to bring his knowledge and fluency in Japanese to others, so they may benefit and fully enjoy all of the best aspects of Japan, its culture, and people. In his spare time you may find him learning guitar, playing tennis, or having a delicious night out at an Izakaya with his wife. Yes, she’s Japanese too.